Фурм де Монбрисон (Fourme de Montbrison): Что это?

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Фурм-де-Монбризо́н (фр. Fourme de Montbrison) — французский сыр из коровьего молока с вкраплениями голубой плесени.

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The curd is salted and placed into a mould before being removed and placed on racks made from spruce wood. The cheese is then turned by hand, ninety degrees at a time, over a period of twelve hours. The cheese is injected with penicillium roqueforti spores, and later injected with air to form pockets in the pâte to encourage spore development.

The cheese must be aged for at least 28 days, though more often it is left for around 8 weeks. Around 20–25 L (4.4–5.5 imp gal; 5.3–6.6 US gal) of milk are used to make each cheese. By regulation the cheese may only be manufactured in any of 33 communes of the Monts du Forez in the departments of Puy-de-Dôme and Loire.

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